The Curse of Illmoore Bay


Nick Nettles, a Woodsboro Mall employee, discovers the legendary book of Wicked Carols. The book is said to be a guide to raise the spirits of the dark djinn, and with the holiday season soon approaching, Nick wasted no time. "I'm sick of playing Santa year after year!" he decried.

As he changed the mystical words inscribed on the parchments before him, the calm night started turning into a whirlwind of chaos...

Inspired by 90's cartoons, horror flicks and voice samples by Danny Tamberalli, The Curse of Illmoore Bay (IMDb) delivers a brand new adventure for the Sega Genesis. Choose between 3 characters to play with, and you can even play 2 player with a friend! Game saves help ensure that you don't lose your progress when you power down the console. The Curse of Illmoore Bay can also be seen in the movie BITS!

The Curse of Illmoore Bay is on RetroAchievements, so if you plan on playing the digital version, you can earn additional achievements over there!

Developed By: Second Dimension
Released: January 2021
Platform: Sega Genesis/Mega Drive