Second Dimension takes customer experience seriously and we do all we can to ensure a positive experience. This document combines and replaces the following policies: Terms of Use, Unsolicited Content Policy, Privacy Policy.

Table of Contents

  1. Information & Content
  2. Terms of Sale
    1. Product Availability
    2. Order Agreement
    3. Cancellations & Refunds
  3. Memberships
    1. Age Requirements
    2. Security Responsibility
    3. Code of Conduct
    4. Privacy
    5. Prohibited Acts
  4. Contact

1. Information & Content

All content and information found on the Site are the property of Second Dimension R&T, unless specified elsewhere. The information and content at any time may be incorrect, outdated, or incomplete and may be modified, removed, or added to without notification by Second Dimension R&T, including this document.

2. Terms of Sale

The following terms govern any sales of products or services provided by, controlled, or operated by Second Dimension R&T. Altering these terms are prohibited with the exception of mandatory provisions of applicable law. These terms DO NOT govern the Services offered by Second Dimension R&T and all mentions of service or services in this section are in reference to Web Services.

2.I Product Availability

For customer protection, physical products will only be delivered to confirmed mailing addresses provided by the payment processing provider. Products ordered with an unconfirmed address will need to verify their address with the payment processing provider before ordering from the Online Shop. The current payment processing provider(s) are PayPal, and you are encouraged to read the payment processing providers Terms of Use in addition to these Site Terms.

Additionally, certain products may be reserved for customers who are located in a specific region, online community, or conventions/expos.

2.II Order Agreement

Second Dimension R&T reserves the right to limit the quantity and refusal or cancellation of an order on any Product or Web Service. Orders are secured once payments have been processed. Physical packages will be mailed within 3 to 5 business days excluding postal holidays. Business days are defined as Monday through Friday. Digital Packages will be emailed out within 24 hours of purchase.

2.III Cancellations & Refunds

Cancellation of orders are permitted prior to a product being shipped at no charge. Cancellation of orders after a product has been shipped will be contingent on the following:

  1. the return of a product is within the 14 day return limit;
  2. arrival of the returned product; and
  3. inspected condition of the returned product

A refund may be lowered due to mishandling of the product by the consumer that would cause a devaluation of the product. Products that were received as defective may be exchanged for a non-defective product once the defective product has been returned. Returned shipping is covered by the consumer for all products. Cancellations are not applicable on digital products or services.

There are no refunds on digital purchases

3 Memberships

There may be aspects of the Site that require a membership to utilize certain features and functionality of the Site. Members of the site are expected to adhere to a minimum set of standards to ensure a friendly environment for any social areas of the site. Memberships are not required to purchase products from the store.

3.I Age Requirements

To create a membership with Second Dimension, you agree that you are 13 years of age or older. Minors should always receive permission from parents or guardians before using the site. Parents are highly encouraged to read and review the Policies and any applicable guidelines for the use of the site.

3.II Security Responsibility

You agree you are fully responsible for maintaining and securing your Site login credentials and Personally Identifiable Information and to not share with another person or entity. You are also fully liable for any actions performed under your account on any Web Service owned, operated, or controlled by Second Dimension R&T. If you suspect a breach with your account information, please use the Contact form to report this immediately.

3.III Code of Conduct

Members agree to be respectful of the Site, any content, services, and properties owned, operated, or controlled by Second Dimension R&T. Members also agree to be respectful when submitting user created content, including but not limited to, forums, feedback, contests, and other members. Members violating the Code of Conduct may be restricted from one or more areas of the site and web services.

3.IV Privacy

The information Second Dimension collects is used for site performance and to fulfill customer orders. We may use cookies to remember certain site preferences. Second Dimension does not, and will never, sell your data to a 3rd party. Our processing provider may also collect certain pieces of information and you should also review their privacy policies.

3.V Prohibited Acts

The following list are the actions that are prohibited on the Site:

  1. harassment toward another Member;
  2. post any spam, advertisements, derogatory, defamatory, unlawful, threatening, harassing, racial or ethnically objectionable, obscene, vulgar, abusive, fraudulent, or damaging content;
  3. post any promotions of third party applications, products, services, or properties;
  4. using any automated scripts not authorized by Second Dimension;
  5. publicly posting any private information of another person, company, or entity, such as telephone numbers, mailing address, email addresses, social security numbers, payment informations, or anything else deemed Personally Identifiable Information;
  6. linking, uploading, inserting, installing, or any other method of installing any malware, Trojans, or any other virus related software, script, or application;
  7. impersonating another person or entity; and/or
  8. posting any content that may be considered offensive, encourages illegal activity, inhibits the enjoyment of other Members and Users, violate any laws, violates another individual, or may expose harm to another person or entity or liability of any type.
  9. Engaging in the above may constitute as criminal offence, and will be reported as appropriate. If a criminal offence has occurred, all use of the Site will cease immediately. Removal of Site access is left to the discretion of the Administration team.

4. Contact

If you have any inquiries in regards to the Terms of Use, please use the Contact form.




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